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Soon after our founding, we found ourselves building out outline courses and online program experiences fairly regularly. This included both our own founder Marie’s course Digital Strategy School and our clients programs. We were finding that repeating the same work over and over and using brittle WordPress plugins was not scaling.

So in 2015 we set out to build our own system for deploying our client’s online courses which ended up becoming the Doki platform.


Doki gives course and mentorship creators the ability to create and distribute content. The unique packaging system allows creators to bundle content into different formats and deliver in various ways including self-study and multiple drip configurations.

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One-click connection with Stripe allows creators to sell access to content via direct sales, payment plans, and subscriptions.

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Doki is deployed as a Ruby-on-Rails application and scaled with Heroku and AWS. We utilize PostgreSQL as our primary database solution and Redis for caching and for serving a front-end template that loads up the current version of the front-end application which is built with Ember.js. This means page and content loading is restricted to data only and makes the course-taking experience super fast.

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We employ Sidekiq as a job-scheduler enabling us to reduce the load on our primary application server and create cool features like dripped content.

Zapier App

We built a custom Zapier application for Doki that allows customers to connect Doki to 100s of different web apps out-of-the-box.

Zapier trigger list

This gives Doki customers the ability to create workflows such as: creating students and granting access to courses when a payment happens on PayPal or SamCart, tagging customers in a CRM when they mark certain content as “completed”, and reacting in many different ways to other trigger events.


Doki has helped hundreds of content-creators and mastermind-leaders delivery online programs and diversify their service offerings over the last few years. Thousands of students have taken courses and been lead through scheduled drip programs.

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Signing up is free and a free trial is included, so if you want to give Doki a shot, click the Try Doki button below. We also can help you launch an online course and discussion ecosystem powered by Doki and Discourse.

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