Oki Doki

We help business owners launch, deliver, plan, market, create, ideate, organize, strategize successful online programs


We take the overwhelm out of launching online programs and courses

We believe that teaching what you know online is the key to scaling your impact, increasing your income, and building your authority.

We also know the whole process can be overwhelming, and it’s difficult to know where to start. From content creation to payment integrations to audience building and marketing, we help you navigate the process so you know what to do at each phase.

Our Services

We lay out a clear roadmap for you whether you are running your first pilot, are re-branding or re-tooling an existing course, or need help marketing your new program.

Clarity Session

A laser-focused deep dive to help you get clarity on your next best steps. Perfect for those that have an idea and are ready to take action, but not sure where to begin. Grab a one hour session with us for rapid clarity and actionable insight.

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Launch Roadmap

We work with you to lay out a clear strategy and steps for moving forward with your online program, workshop, or course, including pre-launching, format and content decisions, and marketing strategies.


Design + Implementation

Ready to launch a online course, program, or membership product and need help from start to finish? We’ll help you validate your idea, structure content, create sales pages, and provide the platform for delivery of your online experience. Limited availability.


We helped Shannon launch the pilot of her Sole Prop School:

I'm so inspired! Honestly, I couldn't have gone this far without A. your actual help, B. you being a total inspiration, and C. your wise words and sage counsel!

Shannon Lee Simmons, New School of Finance

Headshot of Shannon Lee Simmons

Who we are

Oki Doki is a partnership between Marie Poulin and Ben Borowski. Together we help take the pain out of online program creation. We craft websites and help our clients grow audiences and online communities; now we've joined forces to create the next evolution of online program creation.


Ben makes sense of the digital landscape; the technologies involved in launching.

Ben partners with brands, businesses and start-ups to create bespoke apps for mobile and the web. Known to create business solutions for any technology platform.


Marie inspires you with possibilities, then helps you get ruthless clarity.

Marie helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life in the digital space and founded The Digital Experience, a community and mentorship program for designers.

Delivering your online programs with ease

Doki Scheduling Systems

Our platform Doki helps make building & delivering online courses and mentorship programs straightforward and seamless. No web hosting, no plugins, and no programming experience needed; just business-focused tools that help you build, sell and deliver your programs.

Launch and sell online courses, classes and mentorship programs. One-click integrations with ConvertKit, MailChimp, Google Analytics and more.

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