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The Challenge

Baart Industrial Group approached us with the desire to translate a complex internal spreadsheet to a native mobile application. They'd heard the only way to achieve the goal was to find an "app developer". They were rightly concerned with the high cost and maintenance associated with many native apps.

While we could have helped them execute the native application, we suggested that we could achieve a similar result in the form of a web-ready mobile website that achieved the same functional goals (for significantly less cost). The result is the start of the Baart Tools, a suite of calculators for their industrial products.

Device Lockup

The Power of Mobile Web

By creating a mobile web app instead of a native app, and creating a "calculator framework", we were able to provide Baart with a solid base for creating additional calculators for their other products in the future.

The application can be updated and deployed to Amazon Web Services without the need for app store review or approval. Plus we've reduced the friction to getting a sales lead to use the calculator tool by not having to open a spreadsheet application or download and install an app.


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A Re-imagined Sales Tool

We integrated with Drip—a customer relationship management tool—so the company can collect sales leads and relevant calculation data.

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Works Everywhere

The app can be accessed on mobile handsets, tablets, and desktop views due to its responsive-first design and slim file size. No need to download an app.

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Blazing Fast

By translating the logic from spreadsheet to javascript via functional React components, we sped up individual calculations from seconds to milliseconds.

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