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Marie and Ben Working

Oki Doki is a creative collaboration uniting Marie’s strategy & design background with Ben’s design & programming background to form one kick-ass digital creative agency.

Our specialty? Creating purposeful, unique, and results-focused digital experiences that integrate your brand across all touch-points. Where Marie sees the big-picture possibilities, Ben handles the implementation details.

We understand the digital landscape, and have helped launch hundreds of websites, products, online courses, web applications, games, and online experiences. We’ve seen behind the scenes of countless launches, and know what works (and what to avoid).

We don’t believe in formulas; we tailor solutions to our clients’ business and lifestyle needs, so your products are built with growth, longevity, and sustainability in mind.

We love working with curious, driven, down-to-earth business owners. We work deeply and collaboratively alongside our clients over extended periods of time, helping them iterate their way to sustained growth.

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“Marie was instrumental in helping me map out my new online coaching program, create the beta testing period, and outline all the details right up until the big launch.”

Tobi Fairley



  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Online Course Strategy


  • Design Thinking + Innovation Specialization
  • Permaculture Design
  • Conversion Copywriting


  • Macchiatos
  • Permaculture
  • Tacos
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I help you strategically plan, design, and launch your products and services.

A strategist, designer, and big picture thinker, I help business owners ask better questions, adopt a learning mindset, and launch more strategically, so they can deliver bold and impactful online experiences that connect deeply with customers, and get results.

My superpower is illuminating possibilities and inspiring imperfect action. I’m ferociously curious and empathetic, and am passionate about helping others discover opportunities for growth.

My design thinking and permaculture design studies strongly influence my perspectives and problem-solving approach to emphasize sustainability; I lean strongly toward solutions that work for both your business goals and your lifestyle.

I’m the host of Notion Office Hours and creator of a number of online programs including: Notion Mastery, Run Your Learning Launch, and Digital Strategy School. I also co-founded Doki, a software for selling and delivering online programs.

When I’m not nerding out about business or Notion, you’ll find me bouldering, making delicious home-made vegetarian tacos, or working on transforming my lawn into a productive permaculture garden. I love bright tights, macchiatos, and eating all my vegetables.

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“Ben is a delight to work with. He has made great suggestions and overdelivered in helping us get going.”

Brandt Passalacqua

I help you thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape and reduce your technical stresses.

I've been making various digital products since I became obsessed with programming while studying fine arts at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

I specialize in high-level technical strategies & full-stack development on web and mobile apps. At work, I’m happiest solving tough technical challenges and building products with my favourite technologies including Ruby on Rails, Ember & React, and Swift & Objective-C.

My approach to business is an adaptive one. I understand that business goals are often a moving target, so I stay agile and work hard to be open, communicative, and above all, honest. I can assist you at any phase in your project, but I prefer to be hands-on in all of them.

I can help you systematize your marketing funnels, hack custom API integrations, and create a plethora of custom applications that work with your existing business assets. I’m an adept self-learner and I love discovering and designing new efficient systems for reducing friction.

When not locked into a vim terminal or putting out fires (literally, as a volunteer firefighter), I geek out on tattoos, video games, curating playlists, and recording the occasional DJ mix.

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  • JavaScript, Ember, React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile Apps
  • SaaS


  • Firefighting
  • 日本語
  • Canadian Citizenship


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Speaking at Gather North
Speaking at MicroConf
Speaking at Shine Bootcamp

Speaking + Workshops

MicroConf Starter May 2018

The Sustainable SaaS: What permaculture can teach us about building software

Assembled JAN 2017

Think Big, Plan Small: Bringing the MVP to Client Services

Freelance RemoteConf 2016

Think Big, Plan Small: Why Small Can be a strategic advantage

Starting Point Student Entrepreneurship Conference  FEB 2016

Think Big, Plan Small: Why Small Can be a strategic advantage

Co-creation: How to build products (and services) that create impact

Gather North NOV 2015

Designing an Intentionally Awesome Career

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